Tim Hortons makes a bacon and black pepper donut for Duelling Donuts competition

The final teaser of Tim Hortons Duelling Donuts competition has hit the web. This time it’s a blend of savoury goodness. Timmies states on the YouTube video that “Your eyes are not deceiving you – that’s bacon & black pepper. On a donut.” Looks like a yeast donut, topped with chocolate, bacon and black pepper. Also, the chefs pumped in some filling, most likely a savoury bacon tasting gem. This is called “Achin’ for Bacon.”

The Duelling Donuts competition will take place on August 18th were 8 donut finalists will compete for $10,000 cash and the award winning donut will be added to the Timmies menu “later this year.” The famous judging panel consists of Jason Priestley (past judge), Jann Arden, Anna Olson and Ben Mulroney (past judge).

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