Dylan, the Winnipeg Transit bus driver, gives passenger a $15 TimCard for her birthday

When the bus arrives to pick you up all you have to do is pay and be seated. Usually it’s pretty quiet, but over in Winnipeg something magical happened.

Apparently the Winnipeg bus driver named Dylan on Route 55 asked its passengers if anyone was celebrating a birthday. Nobody immediately spoke up, but Shahida Luman said it was her birthday was on Sunday. The driver popped over to her and handed a $15 gift card from Tim Hortons. Luman recalled saying that “That is so sweet. That’s so nice… It wasn’t the money as much as how he was. He was so friendly.” Dylan responded “You know what? I have a lot of degrees. I chose to do this job because I like people.”

Yes, another ‘random act of kindness’ occurred, more like the now-famous ‘pour it forward.’
Canadians are so thoughtful.

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