Beignet Mulroney, Jam Arden, Banana Olson and The Priestley 2 Donuts

The Duelling Donuts competition will take place on August 18th where 8 donut finalists will compete for $10,000 cash. In addition, one lucky donut will be awarded the prime location on the menu sometime “later this year.”

The famous judging panel consists of Jason Priestley (past judge), Jann Arden, Anna Olson and Ben Mulroney (past judge). To celebrate this occasion, Tim Hortons created a donuts that all resemble the names of the judges:

“Banana Olson” for Anna Olson;
“Beignet Mulroney” for Ben Mulroney with Nutella and candied bacon;
“Jam Arden” for Jan Arden, which is “like toast but sweeter;” and
“The Priestley 2” for Jason Priestley

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