Tim Hortons releases hiring promo video called ‘Our Neighbourhood’

Tim Hortons HR department has uploaded a very inspiring 2-minute video called “Our Neighbourhood.” It’s very inspiring and entices those seeking employment to send in their resume to the closest Timmies.

There could be many reasons Tim Hortons is seeking to bump up its staff — possibly ramping up for the 5-years in business, competition from other coffee chains, or even the government crackdown of temporary workers. Regardless, it’s a beautiful add and takes you through what it’s really like at a Tim Hortons.

The full lyrics are below:

There is a Tim Hortons that everyone knows.
The friendly familiar place down the road.
The first stop on the road trip.
Where we go to celebrate life’s wins. Not just the big one’s, but the small one’s, too.
But beyond the tables, the pots of fresh coffee, and the warm baked goods is something truly special.
The real Tim Hortons.
An exceptional place with exceptional people.
Where going the extra mile makes a true difference.
Where challenges are met head on and paying it forward pays off.
Where the opportunity to grow is just around the corner.
We’re always moving forward.
Looking to do more and striving to bring more to the table.
Because what we do is part of something bigger and we’re proud of it.
Proud to call our team members friends and our guests neighbours.
After all, Tim Hortons isn’t just in the neighbourhood. It’s a part of it.
And everything we do helps serve it. One cup at a time.

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