Donut Eating Contest taking place in Toronto on September 14th

While this is not a Tim Hortons idea, Toronto’s Through Being Cool Vegan Baking Co. has put together a “Doughnut Eating Contest.” It’s happening on Sunday, September 14th at 2:00pm and to enter you must submit a $100 fee. There are only 12 spots available and it’s on a first come first serve basis of who drops the $100. The good news is that all proceeds will be going towards the Toronto Walk For Farm Animals and not into the bakers ovens.

The grand prize is a two-day stay at the Farm Sanctuary in New York. Second prize is the chance to design your own doughnut, something Timmies currently has going on with its Duelling Donut competition. Finally, 3rd place is a TBC gift card. However, all participant score a free T-Shirt.

Go forth here and get your doughnut game face on.


Source: Facebook
Via: BlogTO

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