Tim Hortons CEO promises rigor, discipline and ‘unique products’

During the Tim Hortons Q2 earnings call yesterday President and CEO Marc Caira was pleased with the $874.3 million in revenues. Caira stated that this success was due to the new menu items, such as the bigger hash brown, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and Frozen Hot Chocolate.

“If we’re going to keep an item on there permanently, something else has to go.”

While there were no juicy details on what future products Tim Hortons will be unveiling, Caira said his company is currently working on new innovations, specifically calling them “differentiated innovation” items.

“So we will continue to introduce different and unique products, and you’ve heard some of them that we’ve introduced in the second quarter, that will continue. Some of these products are ins and outs or forbidden at that time. Others had performed very well and our guests demand that they’d be kept on the menu, then we’re going to keep them on the menu. But we also have to be very disciplined about it. If we’re going to keep an item on there permanently, something else has to go,” said Caira.

“So again, it’s bringing this rigor and this discipline to the operations because we can’t just keep adding things, and we can’t just keep adding more complexity to our restaurants and to our operations. So as we’ve said in the past, we’ve already discontinued a number of items. That process is going to be ongoing. It doesn’t stop and then start. This discipline is going to be put into the organization that we continue to look at our products and add and remove as we go. But we’re very committed to this innovation that is differentiating us.”

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