Councillor Doug Ford’s idea of putting Tim Hortons inside Toronto City Hall is a good move

Inside Toronto’s City Hall there is a restaurant called Cafe on the Square. City councillor and the government management committee have been debating on what do with this money suck as the fine establishment has reportedly been losing money.

According to the Toronto Sun, the city is in year two of a 10-year lease worth $700,000 with the Cafe on the Square and considering terminating the agreement, but the estimates are that it would cost taxpayers and estimated $560,000. Councillors also note that the restaurant owes the city $190,438 in maintenance costs and failed to proceed with a $140,000 renovation plan.

This brings us to Councillor Doug Ford, brother to the crack-smoking Mayor Rob Ford. Doug says that “Maybe staying open at nighttime when we have the festivals? I’m just throwing out ideas… Maybe throw (in) a Tim Hortons. Who knows, I don’t know. Everyone loves Tims.”

This idea does make sense and would add even more life to to city hall meetings. In reality, if a Timmies was inside the concrete jungle that is City Hall, less people would leave the premises to grab their coffee, breakfast and lunches. One would even go as far as saying productivity would increase.

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