Tim Hortons Double Double Dark blend now available across Canada and the United States

Tim Hortons has taken off the pilot testing of its Dark Roast blend today. The “Double Double Dark” now joins the original blend and is available across Canada and the United States. There is no difference in price for this ‘premium’ cup of coffee, which is made from 100 per cent Arabica beans.

Timmies says the Double Double Dark has a “perfectly smooth finish” and describes it as having “hints of citrus, cocoa and earthy tones with a rounded body.”

Marc Caira, CEO of Tim Hortons, said, “Tim Hortons prides itself on serving best-in-class coffee and responding to the evolving tastes of our guests, and our new Dark Roast blend speaks to that commitment. We know that our guests want choice when consuming their daily coffee and we applied our passion for coffee and brewing expertise to develop a superior tasting Dark Roast blend our guests will love.”

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