Man from the future dreams up the Tim Hortons ‘Sip for Support’ app

This app is just an idea for now but it’s so good that it should find its way to the mega crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Wearable expert Tim Emrich, a man we believe lives in the future, has written an article about an app that turns the sips of your Tim Hortons coffee into a charitable cause.

“Imagine if your cup of coffee could do more than just get you going in the morning. Imagine if, with every sip you take, you could help transform the lives of others,” wrote Emrich. “With Sip for Support, Tim Hortons coffee drinkers will turn every sip into a donation to the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation, made possible thanks to the sensor capabilities in wearable technology.”

Timmies enthusiasts and addicts would fashion a wearable device, such as a watch, activity band or glasses, and with every sip the device would recognize its motion and track the number of sips you down. Each sip would attribute a certain monetary amount that would be donated to charity, such as a penny or something greater.

The Sip for Support app also allows users to set donation goals and when achieved an alert will appear to congratulate you. “…so the next sip of coffee could warm their heart, as well as their hands,” said Emrich.

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