Hell has frozen over: Burger King reportedly in talks to buy Tim Hortons

Wow. If this is true then all hell has frozen over.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Canadian icon Tim Hortons is in talks to sell to fast food chain Burger King.

“People familiar with the matter” state that “The two sides are working on a deal that would create a new holding company based in Canada, one of the people said, adding that the takeover would create the third-largest quick-service restaurant provider in the world.”

The combined market value of both businesses is estimated to be $18 billion and this merger “could be struck soon.” Apparently if the potential deal moves forward each business would operate independently of each other.

Perhaps nothing was learned with the Wendy’s deal.

Update: This reminds me of a very timely quote that CEO Marc Caira stated back in May, which is when Timmies said its new Crispy Chicken Sandwich was the number 1 best selling lunch sandwich: “(You need) to be able to have the consumer realize, ‘Hey, if I’m going to have a crispy chicken, maybe I’ll go to the Tim Hortons, rather than Burger King or KFC.'”

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