Review: The Big Canadian Red donut (Duelling Donuts competition)

Tim Hortons is prepping to unveil a winner in its annual Duelling Donut competition. The last four donuts still gunning for the finish line are the Ice Cream Sundae, Big Canadian Red, Lumberjack and the Love REESE’S To Pieces. We’ve already swallowed the Ice Cream Sundae donut whole, so now let’s bring in some Canadian pride with the The Big Canadian Red.

For anyone loyal to Tim Hortons this will pull at your heartstrings. This circular gem has a red velvet base that resembles the recent Red Velvet Muffin of last year. The colour is dark, rich and pops with an abundance of extras. Staring at this delicate donut you become fixated on the cherry icing that gently covers its top. Or quite possibly it’s the white icing, white chocolate “crispy pearls,” or the inclusion of red sprinkles that might get peak your interest. Yes, this is loaded up on sugar and looks spectacular.

However, looks aside, the Big Canadian Red has goodness hidden inside. Similar to Canada, once you take a bite and experience all its wonder you just want to keep on coming back. The Big Canadian Red has been squirted with a smooth and delightful French Vanilla filling. The combination of the red velvet and the filling is probably what made this donut a contender, but throw in all the toppings and this is why the Big Canadian Red stands tall.

Apart from the glorious vanilla filling, the joy of this donut comes alive when one chomps down on the white chocolate “crispy pearls.” The little morsels are worth a vote and burst in your mouth with flavour. The chocolate is subtle and if you’re so inclined you might even want to pick them off one by one to savour its essence.

Nikola Kostic of Toronto is the creator of the BiG Canadian Red and I can see why he decided to add in the sprinkles, but I don’t believe it does much for the overall experience or taste. Yes, another layer of texture is present, but the increase in sugar is not. Unfortunately we have clue of the nutritional information as this is not a current Tim Hortons menu item.

What might hold back the Big Canadian Red from winning is that it kinda looks ordinary compared to the others in the race. We somewhat expect Timmies to add a donut like this to its menu. Overall, a good show and decent donut.

If this does win the $10,000 prize and a spot on the menu, couple it with Chris De Burgh’s “Lady in Red” and you’re in for a phenomenal night.

Red, classy and delicateIf you're into red velvet and chocolate then the Big Red Canadian is for you. It's a joy to handle and can probably be eaten in 4 bites.

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