Tim Hortons does some myth busting about its cup sizes

Bryan Isaac Vaillancourt took to his Facebook account to show the difference between a large and extra large cup at Tim Hortons. In the video he claims that the extra large only only “get and extra two sips” when compared to the large, and “is really not worth the extra money.”

The extra large coffee holds 678 mL and costs $1.90 before taxes, while the large coffee holds 563 mL and costs $0.19 less at $1.71, while the extra large is $1.90 before taxes.

Tim Hortons sent out a statement saying, “the experiment shown in the clip is not representative of our restaurant experience in that our Team Members would never fill a cup to the rim as is depicted. Each of our cups, regardless of size, is designed to be reasonably filled to within a half inch from the rim of the cup. This not only allows for easy drinking, but also ensures that the lid fits securely. Guests have recognized that our Extra Large cup in fact offers our best value.”

To “myth bust” this video, Tim Hortons did its own demo and came to the conclusion that when a large is poured into an extra large a top up is needed.

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