Tim Hortons says “there will be a moderate price increase affecting some menu items” starting November 26th

Tim Hortons hinted during its recent Q3 results that price changes were potentially en route. The rumours around the world wide web are that coffee prices could be on the rise. Today, a special note has surfaced at most Tim Hortons locations indicating that costs will be increasing. Here is the note:

“To our Valued Guests:
Please be aware that due to rising operational costs, there will be a moderate price increase affecting some menu items effective Wednesday, November 26th.

We appreciate your patronage, and look forward to continuing to provide you with the same great value, quality and freshness that you have some to enjoy.

Tim Hortons”

There is no indication of what menu items will see a price increase, nor the specifics behind the “rising operational costs.” Perhaps it is because of the recent Burger King/Tim Hortons merger.

Update: Tim Hortons sent us a statement on the upcoming price changes. Basically coffee by $0.10 for a medium and breakfast sandwiches are increasing.

“We have been able to hold our pricing stable since Spring of 2011, however due to rising operational costs there will be a moderate increase on some of our menu items including coffee, and in some regions, breakfast sandwiches. On average our guests will pay approximately .10 cents more for their cup of coffee. That will bring the price of a medium cup of coffee to $1.70 including tax.”

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