Tim Hortons on the rumour of discontinuing Timbits: “This is absolutely not true, the Timbits are not going anywhere”

Earlier this year, Tim Hortons broke the internet and announced plans that it would merge with Burger King,  thus creating a combined $23 billion in sales and over 18,000 restaurants in 100 countries. Now a rumour of Burger King has surfaced that has hit hearts of Canadians.  A report from a site called “The Lapine,” which is a Canadian parody account that is similar to the Onion, has stated that “Burger King Kills Timbits.”

We reached out to Tim Hortons for a statement and Michelle Robichaud, spokesperson for Tim Hortons, said, “This is absolutely not true, the Timbits are not going anywhere.”

Timbits are ‘donut holes’ and have been with the company since 1976. These little gems have a deep heritage with the company and the Timbit brand runs into its charitable endeavours with Timbit hockey and soccer, and into its Camp programs.

Drama over. Carry on…

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