These are apparently the “five stages you go through every time Tim Hortons starts Roll up the Rim”

Roll up the Rim is one of the most exciting times to be a Canadian. While the experience has trickled down south to the United States, it’s part of the Canadian culture. This year there are over 48 million prizes to be won, most coffee or any other hot beverage. The grand total of all winnings tops $78 million and apparently there are “five stages you go through every time Tim Hortons starts Roll up the Rim.”

According to Halton, Ontario-based website called InsideHalton, which is where the home office of Tim Hortons is located, the five stage list involves Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

1. Denial – You think this year’s going to be your Big Year. You’re going to win a coffee on your first cup and then you’re just going to sail right through to the end of the contest on free coffees.

2. Anger – It’s day six of Roll up the Rim to Win and you’re seriously wondering about the “to Win” part. So far you’re at zero winners, 26 cups of coffee, and a weird new twitch.

3. Bargaining – Even a doughnut would be amazing at this point. You start buying larger sizes because there’s two chances to win.

4. Depression – More like two chances to lose. You stop even rolling up the blue side. You meet that guy who bought one small coffee and won a TV, and not even the coffee makes you happy anymore.

5. Acceptance – Maybe coffee is just coffee and a free doughnut is a bonus not a right. Return to stage one.

Thoughts? Do these ring true for you?

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