Local Tim Hortons owner comes through in Roll Up The Rim $100 gift card saga

Well, rules are rules, but some rules should have a bit of flexibility to them.

Samantha Burke wrote the following note on her Facebook page with some frustration about Timmies not honouring her $100 TimCard win in the current RollUpTheRim festivities.

“So back in February I roll up my rim to find out I won a $100 gift card. I go to the Tim’s store where I purchased my coffee however was given a form to fill out and told to attach the winning rim to the letter and mail it to Tims headquarters. So I did and today over a month later I get a letter back saying I am disqualified from my winnings as I did not attach the pin # that was located on my cup. I had no idea there was such a thing nor did your employees mention it to me. I ripped off my rim and threw the cup into the garbage. As I assumed all I needed was the rim to claim my prize. How many other people have not been entitled to their winnings because of this hidden pin #??”

As stated, Tim Hortons felt that this was not sufficient and disqualified the winning $100. Guess this is where the lawyers stepped in. The official rules do note that “Attach your complete original winning RIM TAB , your completed Prize Claim Form I (on the reverse of these rules, extra copies available at participating Tim Hortons restaurants), and send (using an envelope with sufficient postage, which must be postmarked on, or before, May 8th 2015.”

However, the feedback has travelled beyond the Facebook post and the PR backlash was not pleasant. Thankfully, Dave Weeks, Burke’s local owner of the Tim Hortons location, has come through and risen above the corporate policy and offered a $100 gift card.

Nice ending.

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