Tim Hortons Pastry Pocket looks similar to Swiss Chalet’s Stuffed Cinnamon Donut

The newly launched Tim Hortons “Pastry Pockets” are certainly not the first of its kind. These little bundles of heaven taste spectacular and are filled with Nutella, which is a gift from the gods.

However, competing Canadian restaurant Swiss Chalet seemed to beat Timmies to the punch on the creation, but filled it with cinnamon. The ‘Stuffed Cinnamon Donuts’ were released last May and customers could purchase six at a time for $5.99. The description noted, “Six warm mini donuts stuffed with a buttered cinnamon-sugar filling, tossed in icing sugar and served with a caramel sauce for dipping.”

Tim Hortons sells one Pastry Pocket with Nutella for $1.25, or in a combo for 6 for $5.97.

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