Current list of 2015 Roll Up the Rim Winners

Roll up the Rim, which is the greatest time of year apart from Christmas Day, seems like it was eons ago. The winning tabs are still trickling in and there are still some stragglers out there.

According to the Tim Hortons dedicated Roll up The Rim site, here is the current tally:

– Toyota Camry: 40 out of 50
– LG 55-inch TV’s: 80 out of 100
– $5,000 Prepaid Visa Cards: 73 out of 100
– $100 Tim Card: 17,129 out of 25,000

If you still have a winning tab, Tim Hortons fine print states that all winning tickets much be claimed by May 8th, and that “potentially winning RIM TABS must include the entire prize message printed under the RIM. Contest Sponsor reserves the right in its sole discretion to reject any potentially winning RIM TAB if the prize message is not presented in its entirety.”

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