Tim Hortons shuts down U.S. head office in Columbus, Ohio

Tim Hortons is in the middle of a massive shift in operations. Under its new management, Timmies is a very different company. Past CEO Marc Caira stated in its 5-year plan the United States, a multi-billion dollar opportunity, was a “Must-Win Battle” and they “are committed to the U.S.”

Now that the fast food giant joined forces with 3G Capital Partners (owners of Burger King), Tim Hortons has closed the U.S. head office in Columbus, Ohio. There was no indication of job cuts.

Timmies spokesman Patrick McGrade, said, “As we have indicated before, the U.S. remains a top priority growth market for Tim Hortons. We have made the strategic decision to drive that growth from our newly built Tim Hortons Global Restaurant Support Centre located here in Oakville, Ontario.”

McGrade also noted that the company “will see new positions located here in Canada focused on supporting the U.S. business” and also be “on the ground by an extensive field operations team located in the U.S.”

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