Timbit that resembles a “male organ” finds its way to eBay, only “serious buyers” wanted

You’ve got to think a bit different and somewhat see this oversized Timbit as a testicle, but it’s for sale and can be yours for $5. Seller “yve_trpan” has placed this “copy of a male organ” Timbit on eBay. He only wants “serious buyers” for this “Exceptionnal discovery.”

“Freshly found on thursday june 4th 2015. Exceptionnal discovery( copy of a male organ). Nicely kept, refrigerated first 24h, frozen for the rest of the time, in case buyer wants to take a bite to tasre his product. Ive put a ridiculously low starting price, even thought i know its worth excessively expensive. Please! Only serious buyers!”


Grab hold of this Timbit here.

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