Duelling Donuts competition is back at Tim Hortons

The greatest place on earth has relaunched its annual Duelling Donuts competition. Starting today until July 21st, Canadians can participate in the third annual Tim Hortons Duelling Donuts — the theme this year is inspired by a family recipe.

This year, eight Canadians will have the opportunity to pitch their family-recipe inspired donuts to a celebrity panel of judges featuring, deadmau5, Jann Arden and Sophie Tweed-Simmons for a chance to score a cool $10,000.

David Clanachan, President & COO, Tim Hortons Canada, said, “This year, we’re looking for inspiration from Canadians’ kitchens, and to make it easier to bring unique recipes to life, entrants can now add their own ingredients to the list. We’re looking forward to featuring our two finalist donuts in Tim Hortons restaurants for Canadians to vote on with their taste buds.”

Last year over 77,000 entries applied and the winning donut was the “Love Reese to Pieces Donut,” which was created by Jennifer Brown of Glencoe.

“Last year’s contest produced some deliciously creative entries, and I can’t wait to taste the donuts Canadians make this year. Family-recipe-inspired donuts should create some great donut duels,” said returning judge, Jann Arden. “If last year was any indication, my fellow judges will soon know just how hard it is to pick the best four donuts – but I’m sure they’ll enjoy getting there!”

Source: Duelling Donuts

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