Calgary man robs Tim Hortons and escapes by jumping off pier

A man robbed a Tim Hortons in Calgary and jumped off a pier. Literally.

According to the Global TV, Police are searching for a masked man who scored some sweet Timmies cash then took off by jumping into the ocean beside Canada Place.

“The man hid under Canada Place Pier after jumping into the Burrard Inlet around 5:40 p.m. this evening. VPD Constable Brian Montague says the man robbed the Tim Hortons in the 400 block of Hornby Street.”

It seems the robber might have escaped and the search included the Vancouver Police, Vancouver Police Marine unit, Coast Guard, and an emergency response team. By 8:00pm the search was called off and “warning to the public” was issued stating the man was likely wearing dark shorts and was “likely shirtless.”

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