The “Love Reese’s To Pieces” Donut will be available July 15th

Remember the ‘Love Reese’s To Pieces‘ Donut from the 2014 Duelling Donuts competition? Well, this was created by Jennifer Brown of Glencoe, Ontario and after 6,000 votes this chocolate fiesta won the whole enchilada.

Tim Hortons promised the Reese-inspired donut would be available on the menu “in the coming months” and the time has now arrived! Just in time with the 2015 Duelling Donuts competition, Timmies will officially be launching the Love Reese’s To Pieces Donut on July 7th!

As a reminder, the Love Reese’s To Pieces is a chocolate yeast donut that is piped with a cream filling, chocolate and white topping, and then sprinkled with peanuts and a generous amount of Reese Peanut Butter Cups. Unlike the masterpiece that Brown dreamed up, Timmies bakers will be placing 3 whole Reese Peanut Butter cups instead of the crumbled option.

Are you ready for this to enter your belly?

Update: Tim Hortons sent us a message that the release date is July 15th.

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