Taylor Swift is 46.5 Timbits tall

Ever wonder how tall your favourite celebs are in Timbits? I dream of knowing this and thankfully, BuzzFeed has come through.

Apparently a Tim Hortons Timbit has an average height of approximately 3.81 centimeters or 1.5 inches. BuzzFeed says the science behind the results were as follows: “We purchased a box of 20 assorted timbits and consumed 10 of them immediately. We measured the length of the remaining 10 timbits and used ~advanced mathematics~ to calculate the average. It was a tough job but someone had to do it.”

Here is the list of 10, including Ryan Gosling, RuPaul, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé.

Taylor Swift

– Ryan Gosling (6’0” or 48 Timbits)
– RuPaul (6’7” or 52 Timbits)
– Harry Styles (5’11” or 47 Timbits)
– Taylor Swift (5’9 1/2” or 46.5 Timbits)
– Serena Williams (5’9” or 46 Timbits)
– Venus Williams (5’11” or 49 Timbits)
– Beyoncé (5’6” or 44 Timbits)
– Amy Poehler (5’2” or 41 Timbits)
– Ellen Page (5’0” or 40 Timbits)
– Sim Bhullar (7’5” or 59 Timbits)

Brilliant work BuzzFeed!

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