Tim Hortons President calls the Love Reese to Pieces donut a “truly delectable treat”

The Love Reese to Pieces Donut is now available across Canada and it’s a work of art. This was the winner from the 2014 Duelling Donut competition and was created by Glencoe Ontario’s Jennifer Brown.

Curious what the new President of Tim Hortons thinks of the champion donut?? David Clanachan says it’s a “truly delectable treat.” All that chocolate, nuts and peanut butter hit the right spot.

“From the overwhelming positive response from Canadians who voted for the Love Reese to Pieces donut last year, we know there are a lot of guests who wanted to see the classic flavours of peanut butter and chocolate brought to life in a donut,” says David Clanachan, President & COO, Tim Hortons Canada. “Reese is an iconic brand, and for decades Canadians have been enjoying its delicious combination of chocolate and peanut butter. We’re excited to finally bring together the great taste of REESE PEANUT BUTTER CUPS with our classic Tim Hortons donuts for a truly delectable treat that we know our guests will love.”

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