Ron Joyce to enter Nova Scotia wine business

The co-founder of Tim Hortons, which is the best place on Earth, is entering the wine business… in Nova Scotia.

It’s a team effort between Ron Joyce, the co-founder of Tim Hortons and the owner of the luxury Fox Harb’r Golf Resort and Spa, and Carl Sparkes, the owner of the Jost Winery in Malagash. “This is a Maritime handshake, is how it started,” said Sparkes. ​Sparkes asked Joyce about growing grapes on his land across from the Fox Harb’r resort. He said Joyce was excited by the idea.

In the year since the multimillionaires shook on it, one-third of the 10 hectares have been planted. In three years, Fox Harb’r will produce its first sparkling white wine. Sparkes, the owner of three wineries and the province’s largest grape grower, will bottle it.”From our point of view, and I think from Fox Harb’r’s point of view, this is a wonderful synergistic collaboration,” he said.

“As the first season comes off, we will only have enough for our guests but the intention is to retail the wine to the general public,”

Source: CBC

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