Tim Hortons has offered buy-outs to 15% of its total corporate workforce

Last year, 3G Capital, owners of Burger King, gobbled up Tim Hortons to create the “World’s Third Largest Quick Service Restaurant Company. Together, its assets rose to $23 billion in sales and a staggering 18,000 restaurants in 100 Countries. Both companies are operating independently of but will leverage its “global scale and reach, and shared best practices.”

The most notable shared practice is revenue and part of that is slashing jobs. Last year over 350 jobs were eliminated and a new report by The Star has Timmies offering buy-out packages to 15 per cent of its total Canadian corporate workforce, which is

According to the report, “The voluntary redundancy offers have also been extended to 15 managers in corporate-owned restaurants, but does not include sales staff at roughly 3,800 Tim Hortons franchises in Canada. Tim Hortons currently has approximately 2,300 employees at its headquarters, regional offices and distribution centres across the country.”

Michelle Robichaud, director of PR for Tim Hortons, confirmed the report and noted “just over three per cent” decided to take the deal, which “qualifying employees would receive three weeks salary per year of service.”

An unknown employee stated that Timmies is going the route of outsourcing it jobs. “Essentially everything is being outsourced department by department” and “everyone is demoralized and upset and stressed out beyond belief.”

Robichaud stated, “We are confident that these changes will continue to ensure that our new organization will be faster, more efficient and better positioned for continued momentum, growth and success.”

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