Timbits Poutine is a bucket of Timbits topped whipped cream… it can be yours!

In addition to the enticing Cotton Candy and Cola Timbits at the CNE this year, Timmies has also introduced “Timbits Poutine.” This is not the french fry version but includes a small bucket of Timbits topped with whipped cream and sprinkles, which would be perfect on those hot Toronto days.

The flavours include Chocolate Lovers Timbits, Birthday Cake Timbits, Maple Cinnamon French Toast Timbits, Chocolate Salted Caramel Timbits, Cookies and Cream Timbits. Again — these can be in your belly and topped with glorious whipped cream and hopefully ice cream. According to Huffington Post, the poutine costs $3.99.

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