Tim Hortons quietly adds the Lemon Coconut Donut to its menu

While this week was filled with lots of love from Tim Hortons, specifically the Honey Dijon Ham Pretzel Donut Sandwich, Timbits Poutine, and the Cotton Candy and Cola Timbits. If those are not your fancy, then perhaps the Lemon Coconut Donut hits the spot.

This tart gem has arrived on the Tim Hortons menu as we’ve been informed that it was part of an internal Duelling Donuts contest. The Lemon Coconut Donut was created by Timmies employees and similar to the public contest, Tim Hortons team members voted for their favourite donuts and the winner is now appearing on the menu for a limited time.

The Lemon Coconut Donut is a flower shaped donut with lemon filling, sprinkles of coconut and drizzled with white icing. We’ve been informed that “the Donut is an optional menu item so may not be carried by all restaurants nationally.”

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