New Starbucks in London has “no queue at a cash register” and wireless charging stations

Tim Hortons unveiled its store of the future last year and included an open space, cool tables, beer, imressive donuts, and a bunch of cool technology.

Today, Starbucks, one of it’s main competitors, showcased what its retail experience that is live in the UK that might be fully rolled out in the years ahead. According to Engadget, Starbucks is aiming to reduce the lineup by almost removing the cash registers with the barista outfitted with a mobile payment terminal. In addition, customers can also use the Mobile Order & Pay Starbucks app to bypass any lineup.


“Reserve Bar’s interior design is refreshingly different too. It’s split into two halves, with the bulk of the seating on the left-hand side and an open kitchen on the right,” says the report. “he tables are littered with wireless charging points; just grab an appropriate connector from the stand, plug it into your phone and line up the circular handle.”

“The store is a platform of connection,” said Ad de Hond, vice president of Design. “Everything in the store is visible – the way we make our coffees, the way we prepare and present our food, and the way we interact with our customers.”

Whatever. Long live Timmies.


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