Man breaks into Nova Scotia Tim Hortons to make coffee

This is a brilliant story and shows how far the addiction goes.

According to a report in the Hamilton Spectator, a 22-year old man broke into a Tim Hortons in Nova Scotia not to steal money, but to make himself a coffee and working on making an Iced Capp.

Two Timmies employees arrived at work around 4:00am to find the restaurant counter in shambles and called the police. What is described as being “an unusual early morning break and enter,” the police stated the man “had been making a coffee, and was trying to make an Ice-Cap at the time… but unfortunately had been creating a rather large mess.”

The suspect took off and was arrested at a local grocery store and the police believe “alcohol may have been involved.” “No money taken, just looking for something to drink,” said the police.

The best part of the story:

“No employees or doughnuts were harmed during the break and enter,” police said.

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