B.C. human rights complaint against Tim Hortons to proceed

Ru oh. It’s moving ahead.

Four temporary Tim Hortons workers from Mexico — Edxon Chein, Eric Dessens, Rodolfo Lara and Ruben Ramirez — filed a complaint in 2012 that stating they experienced discrimination while working at the best place on Earth at two Dawson Creek locations. The workers suggested they were given terrible shifts and apparently heard derogatory/racist comments from management.

Tim Horton’s urged the courts to throw out the case, but the BC Human Rights Tribunal rejected the attempt.

Erin Pritchard, one of the lawyers representing the workers, said, “We are encouraged by the Tribunal’s decision, and are eager to move forward with the merits of the complaint… Tim Hortons must take responsibility for the way workers are treated in its restaurants.”

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