Review: Tim Hortons Sugar Cookie Donut has colours from the movie Frozen and comes with a surprise inside

Sometimes you just have to indulge in something bad for you. Not all the time, just occasionally.

Take the new Sugar Cookie Donut from Tim Hortons. You know going into this experience will wreak havoc on your body, but the fresh colours — which are taken right out of Disney’s Frozen — is just too tempting to ignore.

The pièce de résistance is not the sparkling blue sugar topping, nor the glaze or crumble on top, but the copious amounts of fake whipped cream stuffed inside. Once you bite into this gem you say, “this is life!” Then keep going to the second, third and possibly fourth bite. You devour this filled donut like a champ.

It’s light, fluffy and delicious. The Sugar Cookie Donut looks like a cookie on top and a standard donut on the bottom. Unfortunately, Tim Hortons has yet to post the ingredients or the nutritional information on its site, but know there are healthier options, such as celery.

Check out the gallery below:

The colours are temptingSuch a pretty looking donut that you just want to bite into. However, the inside is filled with madness that disappoints.Pretty colours, though.

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