Tim Hortons launches 6-week WarmWishes campaign for Canadians to “step up to help one another”

To kick off the holiday season Tim Hortons unveiled its #WarmWishes campaign. The company that serves glory in a cup wants Canadians to share the love and is rolling out a six week and asks “Canadians across the country step up to help one another.”

Until December 20, Canadians can share their #WarmWishes on social media for a chance to win one of five donations of $5,000 to a charity of their choice. Each week will be a different theme: Give a Little Warmth, Connect with Someone, Brighten Someone’s Day, Lend a Helping Hand, Spread Cheer, and Give Back.

To participate in the campaign and possibly score the $5k donation, you can share your good deed with the these of the week to Instagram or Twitter and also mention the @TimHortons handle with the #WarmWishes hashtag.

Timmies notes, “With each good deed shared on social media, users will receive a unique entry for a chance to win one of five $5,000 donations, going to a charity of their choice. Whether it’s holding a door open, reaching out to an old friend, baking cupcakes for colleagues, or donating clothing to a shelter, all deeds big and small will help spread warmth. Guests are also encouraged to visit TimHortons.com/WarmWishes to see what other Canadians are doing to share their #WarmWishes.”

David Clanachan, President and COO Tim Hortons, “We’re fortunate to have incredible guests who are already doing good deeds during the holidays, so we want to honour and reflect that generosity with this campaign. Canadians are encouraged to share their acts of kindness on Twitter and Instagram using #WarmWishes. Five participants will be rewarded with the opportunity to donate five thousand dollars to the charity of their choice to help spread even more Warm Wishes.”

Source: WarmWishes

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