Santa lookalike comes to local Tim Hortons and brings hope to the world

This is a touching post that appeared on Mark Hurson’ Facebook wall. ‘Tis the season… and not just those new donuts.

Read on:

My faith in humanity has been restored on a Monday morning. Walked into Tim Hortons in Fergus Ontario and this little boy (maybe 4-5) saw this older gentleman and just stopped and looked at him in awe. Omg its Santa!
The older gent looked down and smiled and asked him if he sent his letter into him yet? The boy said no and he would be doing it tonight.

He said you better be nice to your mom and sister because I’m watching. He then said goodbye and was going back to the North Pole to finish the toys with the elves.

Everyone in the restaurant was a bit teary eyed! (Including me!). There are some great people left in the world.


Video: 680News

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