The competition: Dunkin’ Donuts testing mobile ordering and delivery in the United States

There is a battle brewing and Tim Hortons might be left behind.

Earlier this year, Starbucks rolled out mobile ordering in the United States, U.K. and Canada. Tim Hortons simply has an app that you have to top up. However, another rival Dunkin’ Donuts is reportedly set to make a move towards mobile ordering and delivery.

According to a report in Bloomberg, Dunkin’ Donuts, starting next Wednesday, will be testing on-the-go ordering and delivery service in 124 locations in Portland, Maine. This will allow customers to order ahead of time through its smartphone app. In addition, the massive donut and coffee chain is also testing 19 restaurant in Dallas for delivery, then will later expand this service to those in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington.

“The morning space and the coffee space are incredibly crowded,” said Scott Hudler, vice president of global consumer engagement. “Speed is one of our brand differentiators. This is how the next generation of consumers are going to engage with brands. This is the future of the restaurant business.”

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