Tim Hortons shuts down over 20 restaurants in the United States

Whoa! This is unfortunate. After declaring a 5-year plan to dominate the United States, several Tim Hortons locations in New York state and in Maine have suddenly shut down.

According to several report, via the Consumerist, a total of 21 locations have shuttered. 15 shops in New York,and six in Maine.

Apparently a customer in a Portland Tim Hortons was enjoying his drink from the gods and the location shut down while he was downing his drink. “The place has a few people sitting eating lunch. It starts to clear out and leaves just me and my buddy left in the place,” he said to the Lewiston Sun-Journal. “The lights go out and we are told to leave because the place is now closed!”

Tim Hortons reportedly gave no warning to staff, just shut the doors.

In a statement to Time Warner Cable News in Syracuse, New York, Tim Hortons confirmed some closures, saying:

In line with our vision to deliver a great Guest experience while building and strengthening the Tim Hortons brand, we continuously review the performance of our restaurants. As we build the foundation for accelerated growth in the U.S., we have decided to close some restaurants in New York. We are supporting our Restaurant Owners in their transition and remain excited about the opportunities to expand the iconic Tim Hortons brand in the U.S. We thank our guests, the restaurant Team Members and the Restaurant Owners.

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