Petition to have Tim Hortons use compostable cups is gaining steam

Tim Hortons is life.

We want to have a long life and while we down our Timmies every day, one of the most concerning issues is that we chuck out three to four paper cups per day. Multiply this by 365 days is a ton of of cups.

Tim Hortons cups can be recycled. On its site, Timmies notes, “Yes the cup can be recycled but it is not accepted for recycling everywhere at this time. We currently have programs in a number of our restaurants across Canada where we capture our paper cup (and other packaging) for recycling or composting. The number of locations where we offer in-store recycling continues to grow as we work with local waste management companies to expand our program.”

A new initiative started on October 29th and is rolling along at a fierce pace. Originally created by Olga Barcelo, the petition is called “Help Us Create A Better World, Use Compostable Cups Tim Hortons!”

The basic request is: “as a Canadian icon and leading brand, to help us make a change. While you have stated that your hot beverage cups are recyclable, you have also stated that it is a challenge to find recycling programs that will actually accept and process them. From experience, we know that these cups end up in the landfill – they are not recycled. We ask that you switch your hot beverage cups to a compostable type to address this problem.”

For those unfamiliar with what ‘compostable’ product is, it’s biodegradable and can easily be broken down and provide nutrients into the soil and help the growth of trees and plants. In addition, compostable products degrade within a few months in an industrial composting facility and produce no toxic residues.

You can check it out here.

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