Tim Hortons drive-thru road rage incident sees B.C. woman fined $736

Bizarro land right there.

As reported in MetroNews:

“A judge has ordered a B.C. woman to pay $736 in fines after a dispute over a space in line at a Tim Hortons drive-through ended in a violent road rage incident, even though she may not have been in the vehicle at the time.”

Yes, this is true. Christopher Smith was waiting in the drive-thru line and the driver of the vehicle, which was owned by Crystalina Jeanelle David, butted in and he stated that he was there first. Apparently David was not driving the car and later went livid and cut off David on the highway and smashed his window, door and headlight with a sledge hammer.

Since David owns the car, but was not proven to be the one at the scene, she was charged. The court notes that the description matches David’s boyfriend.

“She did not come across as open and honest but rather as defensive and rehearsed. I simply did not find her believable,” Edwards wrote in her decision. The judge dropped the hammer on David and charged her on two counts of contravening the Motor Vehicle Act. She was ordered to pay $368 for driving without due care and attention, and $368 for failing to remain at the scene of an accident.

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