Tim Hortons expanding into Mexico

Restaurant Brands International, the company that now runs Tim Hortons, announced it is expanding its glorious menu into Latin America, which follows franchise agreements in the Philippines and Great Britain. RBI states it has established a master franchise joint venture with an unknown “group of investors in Mexico.”

There is no mention of who or how many are involved in this venture, but Mauricio Barrera Garza is its CEO, who is also the Senior Vice President, Global Operations at Burger King Corporation.

According to the press release, “the joint venture company will be the master franchisee of the Tim Hortons brand in Mexico, responsible for developing and growing the brand in the country.”

“We are excited to introduce the iconic Tim Horton brand to the Mexican market,” said Mauricio Barrera Garza, CEO of the joint venture company. “We believe it will have great success in Mexico and look forward to opening our restaurants soon.”

“We are continuing to build on our commitment of taking the Tim Hortons brand and Canada’s favourite coffee around the world,” said Daniel Schwartz, CEO of Restaurant Brands International. “Mexico has a thriving coffee market so we are very optimistic about the opportunity to grow the brand across the country.”

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