Tim Hortons is looking for people who love Tim Hortons to star in new commercial

This is a dream come true! We were just sent a tip that Tim Hortons is seeking everyday Canadians to star in a new commercial. Apparently the greatest place on Earth is looking for “great stories of two people who regularly visit Tim’s together.”

Seems legit and both people would score $1,500 each for this documentary style commercial.

According to the release, “Maybe you take your son to Tim’s for a hot chocolate after each hockey practice, do a crossword puzzle with your wife each Sunday over a double double, or study for exams with your best friend late into the night rewarding yourselves with Timbits.”

The filming is taking place in the GTA on Tuesday, January 31st for the full day. To possibly be the next Tim Hortons star, check out this page and submit q quick video of why you love Timmies.

Source: Tim Hortons Casting Call

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