Tim Hortons brings Roll Up The Rim to Win into your home

Millions of Canadians have the habit of heading to the local Timmies to play Roll Up The Rim, however, this year, Tim Hortons has brought a new game to town.

Dubbed the “RRRoll Up at Home! Contest,” Tim Hortons enthusiasts can head to Tims, a grocery store, or online shop and purchase a bag of coffee and roll it up and enter online for prizes. The same sweet feeling, but in your kitchen.

There is a total of 10,007 prizes prizes available to be won. Seven are grand prizes and the remaining 10,000 are secondary prizes. There are two types of grad prizes: Two 2017 Honda Civic Coupe with an approximate retail value of each is $23,290.00 CAD. The other grand prize is five 55-inch LG 4K UHD TVs with an approximate retail value of $1,599 CAD each. The secondary prizes are 100 $100 plastic Tim Cards; 500 electronic $20.00 Tim Cards; 500 electronic $10.00 Tim Cards; 8,000 electronic $5.00 Tim Cards.

Total approximate value of all prizes: $124,075.00 CAD.

Here is a complete list of eligible products to possibly win some Tim Hortons goodness:

  • Tim Hortons Original 12ct. K-Comp Single-Serve Coffee 063209083885
  • Tim Hortons Original 14ct. K-Comp Single-Serve Coffee 063209057282
  • Tim Hortons Decaf 12ct. K-Comp Single-Serve Coffee 063209083892
  • Tim Hortons Decaf 14ct. K-Comp Single-Serve Coffee 063209057275
  • Tim Hortons Dark Roast 12ct. K-Comp Single-Serve Coffee 063209083908
  • Tim Hortons Dark Roast 14ct. K-Comp Single-Serve Coffee 063209072377
  • Tim Hortons Steeped Tea 12ct. K-Comp Single-Serve Tea 063209084745
  • Tim Hortons Steeped Tea 14ct. K-Comp Single-Serve Tea 060731020302
  • Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino 8ct Single-Serve 060731020265
  • Tim Hortons Original 14ct. Tassimo T-Discs 066188090400
  • Tim Hortons Decaf 14ct. Tassimo T-Discs 066188090417
  • Tim Hortons Steeped Tea 14ct Tassimo T-Discs 066188002205
  • Tim Hortons Original 930g Canister 063209072278
  • Tim Hortons Dark Roast 875g Canister 063209091224
  • Tim Hortons Original 300g Bag 063209082314
  • Tim Hortons Original 400g Bag 063209082321
  • Tim Hortons Decaf 300g Bag 063209083922
  • Tim Hortons Decaf 400g Bag 063209082352
  • Tim Hortons Whole Bean 300g Bag 063209083946
  • Tim Hortons Coarse Grind 300g Bag 063209089337
  • Tim Hortons Dark Roast 300g Bag 063209082277
  • Tim Hortons Dark Roast 400g Bag 063209082284
  • Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino 454g Canister 063209093709
  • Tim Hortons English Toffee Cappuccino 454g Canister 063209093761
  • Tim Hortons Hot Chocolate 500g Canister 63209090692 and 063209090654
  • Tim Hortons Candy Cane Hot Chocolate 500g Canister 063209090651
  • Tim Hortons Original 72ct. K-Comp Single-Serve Coffee 063209090234
  • Tim Hortons Decaf 72ct. K-Comp Single-Serve Coffee 063209090135
  • Tim Hortons Original 3lb Canister 063209088859
  • Tim Hortons Variety Pack 30ct. Single-Serve Coffee 063209085414
  • Tim Hortons Original 30ct. Single-Serve Coffee 063209086879
  • Tim Hortons Dark Roast 30ct. Single-Serve Coffee 063209086893
  • Tim Hortons French Vanilla 12ct K-Comp Single-Serve Coffee 063209096007
  • Tim Hortons French Vanilla 300g Bag 063209095949
  • Tim Hortons Hazelnut 12ct K-comp Single-Serve Coffee 063209096014
  • Tim Hortons Hazelnut 300g Bag 063209095956
  • Tim Hortons French Roast 12ct K-Comp Single-Serve Coffee 063209095994
  • Tim Hortons French Roast 300g Bag 063209095932
  • Tim Hortons Colombian 12ct K-Comp Single-Serve Coffee 063209095963
  • Tim Hortons Colombian 300g Bag 063209095925
  • Tim Hortons Colombian 30ct. K-Comp Single-Serve Coffee 063209095918
  • Tim Hortons Bottled Iced Capp – Regular 063209036614
  • Tim Hortons Bottled Iced Capp – Vanilla 063209036621
  • Tim Hortons Bottled Iced Capp – Mocha 063209036638
  • Tim Hortons 20ct. Earl Grey Tea 063209096502
  • Tim Hortons 20ct. Chamomile Tea 063209096557
  • Tim Hortons 20ct. Peppermint Tea 063209096601
  • Tim Hortons 20ct. Honey Lemon Tea 063209096656
  • Tim Hortons 20ct. English Breakfast Tea 063209096700
  • Tim Hortons 20ct. Decaf Orange Pekoe Tea 063209096755
  • Tim Hortons 20ct. Apple Cinnamon Tea 063209096854
  • Tim Hortons 20ct. Chai Tea 063209096878
  • Tim Hortons 20ct. Green Tea 063209096908
  • Tim Hortons 20ct. Orange Pekoe Tea 063209096922
  • Tim Hortons 20ct. Blueberry White Tea 063209097004
  • Tim Hortons 20ct. Pumpkin Spice Tea 063209096885
  • Tim Hortons 20ct. Pomegranate White Tea 063209097028

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