Tim Hortons unveils new True Stories campaign that feature ‘real, authentic moments’

Tim Hortons — also known as the best place on Earth — has brought back a fan favourite and heartwarming cause called True Stories.

This initiative transitions from “inspired by” storylines to real-life Canadian experiences and is an effort to come “back to its roots.” There are a number of real-life stories available through the dedicated site, but the highlight is from Conor Raichel, a seven-year-old from Fort Saskatchewan, who led the crusade to “pay it forward” and pay for the order behind him on the drive-thru.

“Everyone deserves kindness at Christmas,” says Conor, now 7. “This holiday season I want to challenge all Canadians to show a little kindness to someone else the next time they’re at Tim Hortons – you might just make someone’s whole day!”

“I had no idea that Conor’s story would move so many people in so many ways,” says Megan Raichel, Conor’s mom. “Our hope is that Conor’s story inspires others to do the same this holiday season.”

“This is a departure from stories inspired by guests to ones that reveal real, authentic moments that celebrate the unique relationship people already have with Tims,” says Paloma Azulay, Global Creative Head, Tim Hortons. “These new Tims True Stories will sometimes make you cry or they’ll make you laugh, but most of all, they bring Canadian values to life.”

The new videos will be showcased online and on TV, or you can check them out here.

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