Investigative report: Is Tim Hortons Boston Cream donut better with 50 percent less cream?

We all know that Tim Hortons food has never been the pinnacle of pastry perfection. Every time it punches above its weight class (Honey cruller), it also gets knocked out in the first round (Omelette bites).

That said, everyone’s tastes are different and after an enlightening debate with a co-worker I’ve decided to re-evaluate the notorious scamp of a donut, the Boston Cream.

“If I had to rate the standard Boston Cream I’d give it a 4/10 — too much cream.”

My main point of contention with the Boston Cream (BC) is the amount of cream, and I’ll follow this by saying the Tim’s version of said cream isn’t that great either. Honestly, if I wanted that much vanilla cream I’d just eat a pudding cup.

Therefore to give the donut a chance I decided to try it out with 50 percent less cream.

I came into the office bright and early to chomp down on the heavy puck masquerading as a dessert. I sat down at my desk with a knife in hand and cut the pasty in half like a bagel.

I pulled the top off and scrapped as much of the filling as I could from the bottom and re-assembled my franken-cream.

Then, I started to eat. My first bite didn’t get me close to the cream epicenter so it mainly tasted like a classic Chocolate dip. Bite two, on the other hand, wasn’t that bad.  Three more mouthfuls and the donut was gone.

If I had to rate the standard BC I’d give it a 4/10 — too much cream.

Taking 50 percent of the cream out of the donut makes its score a lot harder to pin down. Going in into this investigation I was hoping to be left nourished with a slight feeling of wanting more.

Coming out, I think I had the feeling of wanting more, but overall I still didn’t enjoy the donut. And you know what, I don’t think it was the cream that did me in. It was the tough consistency of the pastry and the cheap, yet very sugary chocolate on the top.

In a weird way, the surplus of cream in the BC actually helped distract from all the other subpar components and made it a different experience. Not to say that one version is better than the other though.

Overall, Boston Cream with 50 percent cream — 4/10.

Authors note: We have no way to verify the freshness of the donut. I’m also a fan of Boston Creams from other bakeries, but the cream taste and ratio are always large factors in my pastry enjoyment. 

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or if you want to hurl insults at me and my taste buds, hit me up on Twitter @ThebradFad

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