Tim Hortons testing reusable, returnable sanitized cup and food packaging program

New beginnings.

Tim Hortons announced today it will be testing a new program for reusable, returnable cup and food packaging.

The company stated that it will partner and pilot the initiative with Loop, specifically its TerraCycle’s zero-waste platform, to offer visitors of its fine establishments the option of paying a deposit and receiving reusable and returnable cups or food containers with their order “so they can help us on our mission to reduce single-use waste.”

There was no word on how much a deposit for each cup or food packaging would cost.

The pilot test is expected to start in 2021 at various Toronto Tim Hortons locations.

Timmies noted, “when guests are finished their drink or meal, they can return their reusable cups or food containers at a participating restaurant and have their deposit refunded. The reusable cups and food containers are then professionally cleaned and sanitized by Loop so they can be reused again and again.”

The process above is just for the pilot period and Loop sees that there will eventually be a time that the company will have drop-off locations — both at Tim Hortons restaurants and elsewhere — that would make the return program more convenient for loyal addicts.

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