Tim Hortons bringing back Roll Up The Rim style contest on October 28th

The greatest place on earth is getting back to its core value and giving Canadians a reason to pop in fuel up on coffee or tea.

While its world-famous Roll Up The Rim To Win event was cancelled due to COVID-19, Tim Hortons is coming back to the take and giving away an astonishing $8 million worth of beverages.

The name is not as distinct but the intent is strong. Now called the ‘Hot Beverage Giveaway,’ this Tim Hortons extravaganza starts October 28th and the company notes in its terms and conditions that the end date is “once all Prizes have been rewarded (all Prizes are projected to be awarded by November 6, 2020).”

This year the odds of winning are not as good as Roll Up The Rim with the odds of winning a hot beverage to be 1:9.

Timmies states this is a continuation from the March Roll Up The Rim experience. “A total of 7,955,907 coffee and hot beverage coupon prizes were available to be won at the beginning of the Contest Period. As of October 28th, 2020, approximately 4,780,194 Prizes remain available to be won. The total number of Prizes available to be won will decrease as they are awarded in accordance with these Rules,” says Tim Hortons.

To enter there is no purchase necessary, however, to enter without buying a hot beverage you’ll have to submit a request in writing. Probably not worth the effort.

For this contest, Timmies says “eligible beverages include any size Tim Hortons coffee or hot beverages, excluding espresso shots or Take Twelve coffees.”

It’s certainly a good move to bring this contest back into the daily lives of Canadians. Unfortunately, there is no chance to win via its app as it’s not available this time around.

The total amount of prizes is valued at $8,000,000.

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