Tim Hortons giving away free Halloween Donut on October 31st [USA only]

If you’re into dressing up for Halloween, even during COVID-19, Tim Hortons will reward you for your creativity.

In a statement to InsideTimmies, Tim Hortons notes that its locations in the United States will be prepared to doll out free Halloween Donuts to those who dress for the big day on October 31st.

“Halloween is still full of treats and no tricks this year. On October 31st, guests can trick-or-treat at their local Tim Hortons restaurant by visiting a Tim Hortons U.S. drive-thru in costume to receive a free Halloween donut,” said Tim Hortons.

The Halloween Donut usually costs $0.99 USD and is a yeast ring donut covered with chocolate fondant and topped with orange sprinkles.

Ricardo Azevedo, Regional President of Tim Hortons U.S., said, “We know that Halloween will look different for so many families this year, and we want to be a place where guests can celebrate their favorite traditions safely.”

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