Tim Hortons celebrates Halloween with discount on Timbits and two Snapchat filters

Tim Hortons is celebrating this weekend not only with some Halloween filters on Snapchat, but also giving a deal on Timbits.

So, let’s get to the most important part. Timmies is offering up Tims Rewards members — the app is available on iOS or Android — a multipack of 10 Timbits for just $1.49, which is a savings of $0.50. Pretty good deal and it’s on until November 3rd.

In addition, starting Saturday, Tim Hortons will launch two Snapchat Lenses. The first is a new 3D Full Body AR Lens that makes it look you’re wearing a Timbits box and a sprinkled Timbit hat. The second Lens puts Timbits all over your eyes.

You can use this link to access the Timbits 3D Full Body Tracking Lens, or for those who want the selfie lens can access it here with this link.

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