Woman epically crashes through the front door of a Tim Hortons in Guelph

Seems like this loyal Timmies addict was so eager to grab her Dark Roast that he barreled right through the front doors. Thankfully nobody was injured.

This incident happened in Guelph last week and the culprit was a 50-year-old woman driving the Toyota SUV — she too was not injured.

According to the Guelph Police Service, there was ‘major damage’ to the building. This Tim Hortons is located at the corner of Wellington Street and Imperial Road.

Const. Kyle Grant stated, “A building inspector from the city was called out in order to check the safety of the building,” said Grant.” Really the only thing you could charge someone with there would be potentially impaired driving or if their actions were dangerous driving, but there is a pretty high threshold for that.”

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