Tim Hortons offering 100 temporary tattoos to lucky Tims addicts

To celebrate its continuation into the Canadian market with its $8 million hot beverage giveaway, Tim Hortons launched the #TimCoffeeCommitment campaign.

This initiative is the rebirth of the popular Roll Up The Rim To Win contest that was postponed back in March due to COVID-19. Now it’s back and giving Canadians a 1 in 9 chance of winning a free hot beverage.

There are some lucky Timmies addicts that have received a limited edition Tims temporary tattoos, which were created by Toronto-based Inbox. There are two in circulation — a coffee cup with the maple leaf on it and a Timbit with a hat.

Tim Hortons is also giving 100 of them away on its Twitter and Instagram channels and the company notes the temporary tattoos last up to 2-weeks. Here are some pics!

tim hortons inkbox tattoo canada-3

tim hortons inkbox tattoo canada-3

tim hortons inkbox tattoo canada-3

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